Niagara Weekend: Maid of the Mist & Table Rock

Saturday morning we popped up early and walked down to do the Maid of the Mist before it got too hot and too busy.  The early morning light made for difficult picture taking, but it was worth it.  This may have been my favorite thing we did the whole trip.  I was stunned at how powerful the falls were up close.

Of course on a humid morning the blue “souvenir poncho”  (garbage bags with hoods) were a little hot and sticky.  It made me scrunch my nose a little.


-As silly as it feels, wearing the hood really does help you stay a little drier.

-When you board the boat, the left side gets the best view of the American falls, the right side gets an amazing view of the Horseshoe falls.

-Find a spot on the rail and STAND YOUR GROUND.  Don’t let tourists elbow you out.


In the evening we took the inclined rail down to Table Rock and decided to have dinner at Elements as a belated Anniversary dinner.  We opted to wait a little longer for a table at the window (it’s the closest restaurant to the falls).  The pager reaches you throughout the museum, shops and down by the falls so we took a walk out into the mist.

Waiting for a window seat is totally worth it, and while it was expensive, it was a lovely meal with a great view.

Sunday we took a drive up to Niagara-on-the-Lake and I totally forgot to take photos.  Whoops!

It was an amazing trip and I’m excited to cross this one off my “Before 30” list.  Thanks Jared!


  1. these pictures are stunning, :)

  2. well it has gone very well :)


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