Lost & Fawned 500th Sale Giveaway

I’ve been on etsy since May 2008 and it’s been an amazing adventure.  I’ve learned so much and the image of Lost & Fawned has evolved and developed.  I’ve created pieces for brides, new mothers, best friends, graduates and even a super classy husband.

Soon I’ll be taking big steps to once again take L&F to a new level.  Since I find myself on the verge of making my 500th sale I wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of my best sellers from the L&F archives and thank all the amazing shoppers who have helped make this such a rewarding experience.

The prize will be a package of some of my all time best selling pieces.  I’m going through my archives and selecting some of my favorites and my customer favorites.  Here are some of what might be included:

Ways to enter:

Please leave a SEPARATE COMMENT for each way you enter.

  • Leave a comment and tell me about your favorite piece of jewelry from your personal collection.
  • Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite piece from my archives was and why.
  • Help shape the new direction of Lost & Fawned Jewelry by taking this quick survey.
  • Tweet about the giveaway (please include @lost_and_fawned in the tweet).
  • Blog about the giveaway.

A winner will be selected Sunday, July 3rd at 9:00 PM EST.  It will be announced here shortly there after.

In addition, the person who makes my 500th purchase will ALSO receive some special gifts from my archives!  Thanks for everything!  You guys are the best!

Giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for entering.  Results will be posted soon!


  1. My favourite piece of jewelry is a pendant I bought in a trip to Toledo, Spain. Thanks! Thanks! Marta

  2. I took the survey. Thanks! Marta

  3. My favourite item from Lost & Fawned archives is Maya Necklace No. 3 – Onyx. Thanks!

  4. This is so exciting! I think I’m finally going to have to order the locket I’ve been drooling over for months now :) My favorite piece of jewelry is a string of turquoise beads that belonged to my great grandma. It recently broke and I’ve been stumped on what to do with all the beads.

  5. If I had to pick a favorite piece, I’d say maybe the Clemence necklace. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

  6. Took the survey!

  7. my favorite piece is a gold ring i received form my parents on by birthday


  8. my favorite item is the Vintage Brass Tassel Necklace because it looks simple, but can be dressed up in many ways


  9. From my personal collection I probably love stone beads from my boyfriend the most.

  10. From your jewellery I love all of the little cabochon earrings and besides them, my favourite is the Florence Locket – Antique Locket and Sparrow.

  11. I like the labradorite pendant I got as a b day present from my last b day .
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  12. i like this green cocktail ring because it looks vintage and victorian and i like the design of the ring .

  13. took the survey .
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  14. I took your survey. And I forgot to mention in my last comment the vintage necklaces with blue designs. They are lovely as well!

  15. My favorite piece is the necklace/earrings that I purchased for my wedding. I love that I can wear them with everyday clothes, too.

  16. Took the survey!

  17. My favorite pieces from the archives is the constance necklace and odette earrings in aqua!

  18. My favorite piece is a sterling silver snake pendant I bought in Zacatecas, Mexico!

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  19. I took the survey :)

  20. My favourite piece from my jewelry collection is a enamelled butterfly necklace with charms and rhinestones, I like it because it match well with a lot of different clothes, because it features various colours, plus it was a graduation gift from my mother

  21. I absolutely love your Vintage Black Aurora Borealis Cocktail Ring! I’m always wearing rings, and the more colorful the better. I love how multi-colored this one is!

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  22. My favourite piece from your archives is Vintage Cocktail Ring – Faceted Green sonia.solci@libero.it

  23. My favorite piece is a dainty cross necklace that one of my kindergarten students gave me. I wear it all the time!

  24. My favourite piece of jewelry is star charm bracelet, because it reminds me of dark sky with thousands of stars. I love stars and the moon.

  25. From your archives, I’m loving the Clemence Necklace! It is so unique, yet simply enough to wear with anything.

  26. I took the survey.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  27. Just took the survey (:

  28. My favorite jewelry is a tiny koala bear on a chain that my dad got for me when I was little, maybe 5 or 6. It is so cute!
    hmcnaron at gmail dotcom

  29. From yur archives I love the brass gull earrings- make me think of the sea which makes me happy.
    hmcnaron at gmail dotcom

  30. Rebecca T. says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry would have to be my wedding ring and band…I love looking at it and remembering our wedding day!

  31. Rebecca T. says:

    I like the blanche earrings with the bow from your archives. I like how unique and vintage they look, plus they would go with many outfits

  32. Rebecca T. says:

    I took the survey!

  33. I really like Penelope Necklace – Green, Aqua and White, so unique and beautiful, one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I would love to wear it! I also like Arjean Locket – Gray and Peach, Florence Locket – Antique Locket and Sparrow, Mary Bracelet – Derbyshire Collection, beacuse I love lockets. These are my favourites, because it’s vintage – all vintage things are great!

  34. Jessica says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my curled pendant necklace! My fingers are crossed!

  35. Jessica says:

    My favorite piece from the archives is the Vintage Enameled Lichen Medallion – White! It’s such a lovely statement piece.

  36. DESPINA says:

    My personal favourite is a ring my grandma left me, gold with a big oval tiger’s eye


  37. DESPINA says:

    My most favourite piece from your archives was the Vintage 2 Sided Delftware Necklace -it reminds me of precious china tea sets. Love it!!

  38. okk :) I took the survey

  39. AND I tweeted as canciari :)

  40. My favourite piece from your archives will betkis one:
    Maya Necklace No. 2 – Onyx
    Simple but very impressive and I like the colour.

  41. My favourite piece is a D.I.Y. bracelet/necklace which contains some unusual ceramic beads and metal tags. Each one means a lot to me.

  42. ///please note, in case I win (omg I would loove to win! :) ) that I’m off for my holiday and I’ll be back @ 07.12//

  43. My favorite piece of jewelry from my collection is a cross necklace my Dad made me. :) He made it especially for me with beads from Bethlehem. :)

  44. This is only one of my favorites from your archives: http://www.etsy.com/transaction/33139855 I love all of your flower earrings, and a ring…there are so many great pieces!

  45. I took the survey! :)

  46. Rachel W. says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Grimoire necklace. It’s a book shaped locket with vintage watch parts on the front. Thanks for the giveaway!


  47. My favorite piece of jewelry from my personal collection is the antique watch that used to belong to my great great grandmother.

    ruricloth at yahoo dot com

  48. My favorite from your archive is the Vintage White Acrylic Tassel Necklace because I love vintage acrylic jewelry and I love that you can switch out the charm!

    ruricloth at yahoo dot com

  49. I took the survey!

    ruricloth at yahoo dot com

  50. My favorite piece of jewelry from my person collection are a pair of Murano glass earrings from Venice.

  51. I took your quick survey!

  52. The Constance Necklace is my favorite from your archives – I love the big bold stone and the color is just gorgeous!

  53. I tweeted about the giveaway and included @lost_and_fawned. My Twitter ID is @AmberGoo. Here’s a link to my tweet:

  54. Patti P says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my grandmothers emerald ring.

  55. Omg so proud of you!!!! :)
    My fave piece of jewelry, besides for my wedding ring, is a dramatic fringe + rope necklace made for me by a friend. It’s a showstopper :)

  56. I took the survey!

  57. I think my fave from your archives is this bracelet:

    Although, I had two other faves. The black stone necklace with the gingham bow is super cute. And the heart locket with the little pretty charms on it. Loveeeeee.

  58. My favorite piece of jewelry is a sterling silver cuff that was given to my grandmother from my grandfather in the 1950’s, it was made in Mexico, it’s just gorgeous and I treasure it!

  59. I love the Clemence monocle necklaces and the Maya necklaces they are so unique, pretty and fun!

  60. I took your survey!

  61. My favorite piece of jewelry is a key necklace that my mother gave me.
    Thanks a lot for the chance and congrats on your sales!
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  62. I took the survey!

  63. I found you via etsy before I found your blog and I was drawn to your Odette earrings. I love the beveled glass (especially if it is a vibrate color) mounted with a metallic backing. I actually don’t wear earrings (was looking for a gift) but love long necklaces.

  64. My favorite is a black pearl ring i got when we were in tahiti..

  65. I love the Dame au Chapeau Rouge Earrings it takes me back to France

  66. Took survey

  67. My favorite was Coral’s Secret Copper Locket because Ive always wanted a locket never had one

    trustjesus7771 at yahoo dot com

  68. My favorite piece in my own collection is the gold wire-wrapped amethyst ring I bought myself long before wire-wrapped rings became popular. It’s very expensive looking but I think it cost only $50, and the stone is very big and faceted beautifully to catch the light <3

  69. My fave from your archives is the Vintage Black Aurora Borealis Crystal Cocktail Ring because I LOVE rainbow anything and that rainbow stone is absolutely gorgeous!

  70. I took the survey using the email given for this comment!

  71. I actually have two favorite pieces of jewelry. My engagement ring and a navy blue zipper heart necklace :).


  72. My favorite piece from your archives is the Wren Necklace – Turquoise and Coral. I love the deep color of the turquoise and the Japanese glass baubles just gives it that right touch. Its makes me think of the ocean :)


  73. Tweeted about the giveaway!



  74. My favorite jewelry that I own is this beautiful jade ring that was my late grandmother’s. It is very beautiful and I love it!

  75. From your shop, I really like the turqoise and coral wren necklace.

  76. Took the survey!

  77. my favourite item from Lost and Fawned is “Maya Necklace No. 1 – Rainbow Onyx” :)

    francivusk (at) hotmail (dot) it

  78. I took the survey.

    francivusk (at) hotmail (dot) it

  79. I blogged about the giveaway.

    francivusk (at) hotmail (dot) it

  80. My favorite jewelry is the jade bracelet my mom gave me on my wedding.

  81. I love the Nadeen Earrings, the faded violet is such a rare and unique color.


  82. I took the survey, thank you.

  83. my favorite piece would be my heart shaped watch necklace because its the first ever jewelry that i bought ;)

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  84. i adore anything with bows, thus my fave from your archives is the Marietta Earrings – Tiny Mint Bows <3

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  85. my tweet:

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  86. i took the survey =)

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  87. My favourite piece from my jewelry collection is a gold owl necklace :) I love it !


  88. My favorite piece from your archives is Maive – Brass Gull Earrings. I just LOVE birdy jewelry :)


  89. christy says:

    my favorite piece of jewelry from my own collection is my owl necklace

  90. I took the survey :)


  91. christy says:

    from your collection, i like the Blanche-Neige Earrings – Vintage White Glass. they are delicate and vintage. I love white glass and the bow!!

  92. My favorite item is the ring with 9 diamonds I got last week as a present from my husband for giving birth to our 2nd baby boy

  93. Jennifer says:

    Took the survey!

  94. Jennifer says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry from MY collection? Oh gosh. I suppose I’ll say two, since its hard to pick. The first is my wedding set. I am the 4th generation in my family to have this set, it was first worn by my Great Grandmother back in 1920. The second is a necklace I snagged that hangs to about the middle of my chest that is a birdcage complete with a small bird on a swing. Lots of compliments on it!

  95. My favorite personal jewelry is my bridal set (very vintage feel; it was my husband’s grandmother’s set from the 1930’s).

  96. My favorite from your archives is the Valencia Necklace – Brass Bow because it’s cute and dainty, and I’ve been looking for a bow necklace!

  97. Took the survey.

  98. I have so many jewellery I love! Right now I would say my fave are these pocky earrings I got at a convention.

  99. Valencia Necklace – Brass Bow is such a cute and simple item from your archives that has that vintage feel to it

  100. survey

  101. My favourite piece from my own collection would have to be my custom Annabelle earrings. They were my “something blue” on my wedding day, and I still wear them to this day!

  102. My favourite piece from your archives was the Claire bracelet with the vintage milk glass beads! It looked so beautiful with my ivory wedding dress and white peonies!

  103. Took the survey!

  104. I suppose my fav piece of jewelry is my silver chain that my papa asked me to keep for him while he was in the hospital about 2, 2 1/2 years ago. I haven’t taken it off but maybe twice since! :D Thanks for the giveaway.

  105. I like the Maya Earrings! They’re natural looking and simple. yet very pretty.

  106. I took the survey!

  107. So hard to pick a favorite piece of jewelry! I have a beautiful necklace that my boyfriend gave me after we first said “i love you”, though, that is probably the most dear to me right now.

  108. From your archives, I think I’m most enamored with the lockets, but it’s too difficult for me to pick one favorite!

    marthasweeps at g mail dot com.

  109. Took the survey!

    marthasweeps at g mail dot com.

  110. My favorite peice of jewelry is a stirling Silver Tree Of Life, I wear it almost every day and get so many compliments for it. It represents what I believe, and makes me feel good, reminds me to take care of my planet and family – I love my Tree of Life!

  111. In your collection I love this: Coral’s Secret – Copper Locket, there is just something about lockets that attracts me, especially when they have pictures in them – or can have pictures put in them. I love the idea of wearing a picture of my kids next to my heart, very sweet and loving. I have always wanted a nice locket.

  112. Ooh, I have lots of fav pieces of jewelry. Today, let’s say it’s the Donald Duck spoon ring I’m currently wearing.

  113. I love the pattern on this cab: http://www.etsy.com/transaction/25830044

  114. My favorite piece of jewelry is my birthstone bracelet.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  115. I took your survey :)

  116. I took your survey!

  117. I like Constance Necklace – Light Amethyst because I love Amethyst.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  118. I tweeted.

  119. My favorite jewelry piece is my engagement ring. I did not want a big flashy diamond, so my husband and I picked out a cute little ring shaped like a flower.

  120. My fave is the cute little bunny Lapin necklace!

  121. I took your survey.

  122. amandasue says:

    I have a small but sparkly ring that I really like!

    unforgetable_dreamer_always (at) hotmail (dot) com

  123. My favourite piece is the peace symbol necklace that my sister got for me while in the Dominican Republic…it’s made of hematite…heavensent1@yahoo dotcom

  124. Definitely my wedding rings!

  125. My favorite piece of jewelry is a pressed flower bunch in a clear resin ring

  126. the cecilia merlot flower earrings are beautiful!

  127. I took the survey.

  128. I love the necklace my husband gave my for my birthday. Its funky and unique.

  129. I just blogged about the giveaway. Here is the link to my tumblr post. :)


  130. I just took the survey! :)

  131. I think that my favorite piece of jewelry is a broach that I got from my grandma when I was in the 2nd grade(9-10 years ago). My Grandma loves her jewelry a lot (especially her broaches) and I got the guts to ask her for one of her favorites that she only wore around christmas time. She actually said yes and it basically made my life. But then unfortunately I broke it recently after I got it, probably around a year after I got it. It was a broach that had three christmas trees on it, a green large one, a red medium one, and then a small white one. The white tree broke off and I was so sad when it happened. But just two years ago I got it fixed and now I get to wear it around at christmas time again! :)

  132. I think that this (http://www.etsy.com/transaction/34666091) is my favorite item. That and the other ship necklace. I know it might sound weird but I really like ships and kinda think I was a pirate in a previous life, haha. I’ve never seen any necklaces like those and I think they are really cool. (But really I like everything in the store and it was really hard to choose a favorite…or favorites haha)

  133. My favourite piece of jewelry in my collection is my Tacori engagement ring. It is an amazing creation. When we were engaged, my Husband knew that I had a lot of jewelry and I knew he was going to be a good listener when he proposed with a ring from Tacori. I had mentioned only a couple of times that I loved Tacori designs. My engagement ring certainly is my most treasured piece of jewelry.


  134. My favourite piece from your archives is the Coral’s Secret Copper Locket. It would look great worn with solid colour turtle neck sweaters because it would really stand out. Its’ copper colour would definitely suit most fashion tastes.


  135. I took the survey, as requested.


  136. My favorite piece of jewelry are white gold diamond studs I own. They are so chic and classy and go with pretty much everything!

    danaan at gmx dot at

  137. I adore the Maya Necklace as I love earthy tones and simple styles!

    danaan at gmx dot at

  138. Took the survey!

    danaan at gmx dot at

  139. i love the ring i was given from tiffany’s thats called ‘crown of hearts’.

  140. these earring are super cute! http://www.etsy.com/transaction/45343887

  141. i took the survey! yay!

  142. i tweeted! abpositive

  143. My recent favorite piece of jewelry from my personal collection is lovely flower felt brooch!!!

    Thank you for the chance!


  144. I love Sapphire Rose – Vintage Cocktail Ring! Its so sweet and romantic!


  145. I complete the survey!


  146. Tweeted:




  147. Thank you for this occasion! I love your style :)

    My fave peice of jewelry is at the moment a silver turkish puzzle ring my mom gave to me.

  148. In your archives I fell in love with this necklace: http://twitter.com/#!/Tirabaralla/status/85778716990513153
    I really like wihte and blue ceramic and I like the small details and the fact that it is 2 sided!

  149. I took the survey, good luck with your “new” adventure!

  150. I twitted about this giveaway here: http://twitter.com/#!/Tirabaralla/status/85781694698897408
    Thank you again.

  151. I answered your survey!

  152. I think my favorite piece of jewelry was a bracelet stamped with my name on it that I got as a gift from my grandparents when I was little.

  153. Really love the vintage brass tassel necklace from your archives!

  154. Took the survey!

  155. Enter me :)

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring esp a vintage one. I’m fascinated on vintage stuffs.

    nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

  156. I love your Avery’s Secret – Vintage Style Brooch.

    nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

  157. Took the survey :)

    nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

  158. tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/itsmeKAHAREN/status/86005896077000704

    nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

  159. OMG. I forgot to mention you on my tweet. My bad, sorry :(

    Here’s the right one: http://twitter.com/#!/itsmeKAHAREN/status/86006252609609728

    nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

  160. blogged-http://kaharenbautista.tumblr.com/post/7040435955/lost-fawned-500th-sale-giveaway

    nerakzkiexcore at yahoo dot com

  161. Rebecca says:

    So many favorites! The Brass Mesh Bow and White Shell earrings are adorable!

  162. Rebecca says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a simple diamond necklace passed down to me from my great aunt, it was the first piece of jewelry my great uncle ever gave to her and means the world to me.

  163. My fave piece from my collection is a pendant given to me by a friend when I left for Italy. It has 3 clear drops on a gold chain. I loved it because it drop seemed to represent something – my past, present and future.

  164. I took the survey! aftonnegrea@gmail.com

  165. my favorite piece of jewelry from my collection is my juicy couture heart necklace.

  166. i love the Alayna Earrings – Peachy Pink Roses.

  167. i took the survey! :)

  168. my favorite piece of jewelry is a cameo necklace i commandeered from my grandma. I love it bc it is my grandma’s, i love it bc it has a yellow flower which is unique, and i love it bc it lays perfectly on my neck

  169. Me again! ngallo58 at gmail dot com

    definite favorite of yours: Rosamonde Locket – Extra Large Heart

    it reminds me of that movie ‘a little princess’ <3

  170. My favorite piece of jewelry from my collection is a pair of pearl earrings that my grandmother gave me.

  171. From your archive, I love the Tiny Sea King Locket. It is so dainty, and I could wear it with so many outfits!

  172. I took the survey!

  173. The Czech Glass Acorns are my favorite peice from your solds… genius!

  174. My favorite piece of jewelry is whatever piece my husband gave me last… as of today it’s an ivory pearl necklace from macedonia.

  175. took the survey

  176. Karen E says:

    I love the custom bouqet locket!

  177. My favorite piece of jewelry is some tea cup rings I have. They’re so cute! Great giveaway!

  178. I love all your lockets. My favorite piece of my own is a vintage bracelet made with various colored squares of glass framed and linked together. I tweeted about you on #doko5doko5 and I fanned you on facebook. I’d like to see more of your stuff is there an archive?
    love sharon helard

  179. Found the archive! love the josephine earrings!

  180. Love all your products; especially love the Clemence No. 87, 2nd choice the Pauline Necklace-Vintage!!

    Susan D’Alesandro Wilder


  181. Took your survey!

    Susan D’Alesandro Wilder

  182. polkaostrich says:

    I love a necklace that is creepy and old wihch reminds me of something the Grey Garden Edies might have.

    polkaostrich at gmail dot com

  183. polkaostrich says:

    Oh! I love those Marietta Earrings.

    polkaostrich at gmail dot com

  184. polkaostrich says:

    I took your survey!

    polkaostrich at gmail dot com

  185. My favorite piece of Jewelry from my personal collection is a silver necklace with a small circle charm that says hope on it.

  186. Laurie Tilkin says:

    My favorite piece of jewellry is my family ring. With the birthstone of each family member

  187. The dearest piece of jewelry that I own is a silver vintage butterfly pendant that I got from my best friend when I turned 21. So it’s got sentimental value, too.

  188. My fave item from the shop is http://www.etsy.com/listing/69410250/wren-necklace-turquoise-and-coral because of the vivid color and the crackling look.

  189. My favorite piece of jewelry is this necklace my friend Jane put together for me. She got it from a both that has different stones and charms in which you can put together you own way to create a necklace. It’s a jade stone with a turquoise stone in front of it. Also, there’s a smiling cat charm in front of both. It’s beautiful and it means so much to me because she got it specifically with a cat because my cat passed way recently before that. <3

  190. Oh, goodness, it’s so difficult to choose my favorite piece from you archives! <3 I find all of them so elegant and beautiful! If I must choose, it is probably your Penelope Necklace – Green, Aqua and White because the colors are all so harmonious and the structure of the piece is absolutely elegant and so fragile it's beautiful.

  191. I took the survey, dear! <3

  192. I just tweeted you! @deneza

  193. whoops, sorry, i meant at denezajadol.tumblr.com

  194. My fav piece of jewellery is my wedding band – I don’t have an engagement ring & my wedding band is just white gold & no stones, I love it because it reminds me of my baby. We were 37weeks preggers when we got married (after 14yrs of being together)… My baby is healthy, my hubby is healthy & my family are all mine! All mine!!!!!!!! Yay!

  195. Oh, and I filled out your survey too!

  196. i like your tiny sea king locket the most :)

  197. i took your survey

  198. My favorite piece of jewelry is definitely my wedding ring set.

  199. I took the survey.

  200. I like the Marietta Earrings – Tiny Mint Bows. So cute and unique.

  201. My favorite piece of jewelry is a silver and porcelain necklace I haggled for at a flea market in Rome. It’s just perfect.

  202. I love the Jacqueline earrings in any bright color. I’ve been dying for a bright pair of stud earrings and those are so lovely and elegant.
    thereneeborhood at gmail dot com

  203. Took your survey :-)

  204. kristen says:

    my fav piece from my own collection is my grandmothers gold watch its so dainty


  205. kristen says:

    my fav piece from the archives are the Maive – Brass Gull Earrings…very pretty

  206. kristen says:

    i took the survey :)

  207. my pearls are my favorite piece of jewelry

  208. jacqueline says:

    my fav is my crazy sapphire ring. it has 75 tiny sapphires. its crazy and makes me feel fancy :)

  209. jacqueline says:

    i like the vintage sapphire ring! it reminds me SOOOO much of the one I have :)

  210. Crystal says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a handstamped bracelet with words from my favorite singer on it.

  211. Crystal says:

    I love the Les Amoureux Vintage Pendant – Silhouettes in a Baroque Frame because it’s so unique. I like that your jewelry can be worn dressy or casual with jeans and a pretty top.

  212. Crystal says:

    I took the survey

  213. My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring, which is a reproduction of a Renaissance wedding ring from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It reminds me of 3 of my favorite things: the Renaissance, New York City and my husband!

  214. J. Deutsch says:

    My fav pieces of jewelry are my pair of cameo rings.

    tarheelgalwv32 @ hotmail dot com

  215. The Aurora Borealis cocktail ring is something I’d love to own!

    kimbahleigh666 at gmail dot com

  216. J. Deutsch says:

    I like the vintage rhinestone cocktail ring because it has that classic feeling that modern jewelry can only hope to have.

    tarheelgalwv32 @ hotmail dot com

  217. You jewelry is truly magnificent!

  218. J. Deutsch says:

    Just took the survey!

    tarheelgalwv32 @ hotmail dot com

  219. I took your survey.

    kimbahleigh666 at gmail dot com

  220. J. Deutsch says:

    Just tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/Spinningmenorah/status/86974596192014336

    tarheelgalwv32 @ hotmail dot com

  221. My favorite piece would have to be the necklace that has the baby ring of my grandmother, mother, and me on it. It is not of any value to anyone but me :) ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  222. my fav piece of jewelry I own is a fairy ring I found at a tiny store. It’s also the most expensive I own, and I love it.

  223. also love most of your lockets, but my fav is the Emilia necklace you sold back in 2009. My aunt was given a similar one years ago by her husband, and I’ve always loved it.

  224. I have a beautiful turquoise coloured opal set in silver that I bought when I was on holiday in New Zealand many years ago. I wear it almost all the time it’s so lovely.

  225. I have taken the survey

  226. Jan Ogilvie says:

    Love the Alayna Earrings – Peachy Pink Roses. So cute, so feminine, so vintage looking.

  227. One of my favorites is a golden locket that my parents gave to me for my first birthday. I still havent found a picture small enough for it though!

  228. I love the Oriel Earrings – Leaves and Pink Glass because I like nature inspired jewelry

  229. I took the survey :)

  230. My favorite piece of jewelry from your personal collection is a ring with blue stone.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  231. My favourite item from Lost & Fawned archives is Vintage Black Aurora Borealis Crystal Cocktail Ring.
    I love the colours!

  232. Took the survey!

  233. My favorite piece of jewelry in my personal collection is a handmade beaded bracelet that my father bought for me when he was stationed in Iraq. I wear it all the time!!

  234. Well, all of your items were sold… but my favorite was the Elisabeth Locket- Antique Locket and Garnet Crystal. All of your items are very pretty! :]]

  235. I took your survey!

  236. My favorite piece of jewelry is a vintage family locket that opens to reveal 4 photos of my husband and 3 daughters. On the chain of the locket are all the birthstones of my grandchildren.

  237. My favorite is your shop is the Wren Necklace – Turquoise and Coral. I love blue!

  238. I took the survey.

  239. i completed the survey :)

  240. I have an emerald ring that was my Grandmother’s. She passed away in Feb, so it’s important to me.

  241. I filled out the survey.

  242. Megan C says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry would be my pearl earrings, I wear them all the time!

  243. Hello, my favorite piece of Jewelry is my Grandmother’s bracelet. Very unique and hard to explain, a bangle type with a brown cameo and lots of gold filigree and little stones of turquoise and others around the cameo. Thanks for a great giveaway~

  244. My favorite piece from your archives is the Felicity Necklace. Thanks!

  245. Jennifer Metz says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a beautiful ring my husband and children gifted me on Mother’s Day several years back.

    tjmetz@ mchsi. com

  246. Jennifer Metz says:

    My favorite item from the archives is the Elisabeth Locket – Antique Copper Locket and Blue Crystal. Its simple yet elegant, my ideal style!

    tjmetz@ mchsi. com

  247. Jennifer Metz says:

    Took the survey!

  248. I took the quick survey. Thanks!

  249. Tweeted on Twitter here:


  250. Wonderful giveaway. Your work is gorgeous. Other than my wedding ring, one of my favorite pieces of jewelry is an aquamarine necklace and earring set that used to belong to my grandmother. We share the same birthstone and in all my memories of her, she was wearing the set.

    thanks for the chance!

  251. I have an initial ring from my daughter that i never take off

    kyfaithw at aol dot com

  252. love the copper locket. I’ve always loved lockets of any metal.
    kyfaithw at aol dot com

  253. took the survey
    And the survery says…

    kyfaithw at aol dot com

  254. fav jewlery from personal collection- my white dangling stone earrings- they go w/ everything



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