Fixed: Paint for the Shared Office

I couldn’t take it any longer.  Do you remember when I wasted a whole day painting the office the wrong color?  Well this weekend I got busy and fixed it.  I of course debated for a long time about the new color, but at least I had a color on the wall to compare swatches to and I think I nailed it this time.

Jared wanted a dark gray, I wanted a whisper of gray so we met in the middle.  It’s dark enough that it accentuates the angles of the room, and it’s light enough that it doesn’t feel like a cave.  The white trim really pops beautifully against the color and I think it’s going to make a gorgeous canvas for art and furniture.

The color ended up being Ozark Shadows by Benjamin Moore.  So the room flows with the rest of the house I went with the same whites from Martha Stewart Living, Popcorn and Picket Fence.  The Martha Stewart Living collection just has great whites.  We chose to go with a flat in the office.  I wanted it to be soft and the walls aren’t perfect, so ultimately it was the only choice.

I also got to work on a project I mentioned ages ago.  I gave my ikea drafting table from college a little face lift.  I already had a can of walnut Minwax from other projects.  It really made the desk look a little more finished and the wood tone looks lovely against the wall color.

The carpet will be installed sometimes in the next 2-3 weeks.  We went with a looped texture in an off-white.  I’m hoping it will look neutral, contemporary and clean.  I think carpet is just the right decision.  The pine floors are a mess after just a couple of weeks.  Logan’s nails are nice a trimmed but there are still tons scratches and nicks from everyday use.  I still need to finish the ceiling in here and then it’s on to the bedroom and hallway.  I have to get all the painting done upstairs before the carpet is installed.  I’m still thinking it’s going to be white in the bedroom.  We’ll see though.

So what do you think?  Upgrade?  I’m just happy to see the baby blue gone.


  1. Upgrade! Very classy.

    I was looking at greys the other day for house-painting, and noticed that Martha goose color and was like ‘that IS a nice grey….wait…..nooo, that’s the one noted on LostandFawned about actually being baby blue, isn’t it?’

  2. Very pretty. I used Martha’s Popcorn when I redid our upstairs trim. It has a really nice, soft look to it.

  3. I’m loving it!! I can’t wait to see how the carpet looks in there too. That grey is so much better. :)

  4. MUCH better!

  5. I love the new colour – very calming. Gosh doesn’t it look better than that blue/grey? You’re inspiring me to start painting rooms…

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