Happy “I’m Awesome” Day!

I’ve been holding it together pretty well in spite or all the stuff going on.  I’ve been working my butt off at my day job, taking care of business with setting up my dream career and doing OK with little things around the new house.  Sales are up, views are up AND I finally started cooking again this week (ribs with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce are in the oven right now).  I’m pretty proud of myself.

So I took a few minutes today and treated myself to a couple of things.  First, this gorgeous handmade hook for the new house from New Duds.  And second, a big, chunky, gorgeous white jasper ring from Beady Cats to wear this summer.

Have you treated yourself to anything special and possibly unnecessary lately?


  1. I recently bought myself a necklace :) http://www.etsy.com/transaction/42885768 AND I feel another treat coming on, just haven’t decided what quite yet.

    Congrats on your lovely new purchases!

    • My sister-in-law bought me a piece from Lulubug this Christmas! It’s GORGEOUS! I could have easily treated myself to another piece of jewelry, but I thought I should get some variety in there and get something new for the house. :)

  2. I’m glad you treated yourself!! You definitely deserve it :) I haven’t really treated myself lately…unless you count the ice cream that we bought last night? I think I will have to make a big goal and reach it before I allow myself to be treated! Otherwise I’ll just feel guilty. Wah wahhh.

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