Holiday Shopping 2010 with Evita of The Happy Heathen

The last list this week comes from Evita of The Happy Heathen.  I know it’s a little late to be doing much shopping, but I had to squeeze in this one last list.  Perhaps you can find a little treat for yourself this holiday.

“Dang Lindsey, this was a little harder to narrow down than I thought! Everything on my list is something that I would either wear, use or would have in my home. I’m not even sure as to how to write this collection up. There is no central theme, other than flights of fancy that tickle my taste.”

  1. Gooseberry Tea Strainer from Michael Aram – $79 : From one of my favorite artists, Michael Aram. I am very fortunate to have a few of his pieces in my possession, and would love to have one of these! Beautiful gold plated and blackened stainless steel tea strainer will keep you drinking tea all day.
  2. Birds on a Wire Photo Clips from Fred Flare – $12 :Don’t let desktop clutter ruffle your feathers. Enlist the help of this flock of eight blackbird clips strung on a 32 inch ”clothesline”. It’s a fun and visually appealing way to display photos, memos, keepsakes and more. Clothesline is about 36″ and birds approximately 2″
  3. RE_Vinyl Wall Clock from Pavel Sidorenko – approx. $51.00 :Playful designs that are lasercut vinyl records by Estonia artist Pavel Sidorenko. Note: design of label may change.
  4. Girl with the Magic Fruit Print by Elsita – $25 : This black and white design is a print of an original papercut made by Elsita. This print looks so beautiful in person, the black ink is very concentrated on the paper which makes it look almost like velvet. The paper used for this print has an archival professional grade, it is acid-free and the weight is 285gms, it also has a nice textured surface.
  5. Nip it in the Bud Vases from Wisteria – SALE $9.50 :He took over France, he invaded Spain, and now he will conquer your home. Don’t be fooled by the soft, polished, white porcelain, these Julius Caesar bud vases are strong, capable leaders! They come as a troop of three, so place a few around your home to soften the space with just a slight floral touch.
  6. Enchanted Buck Measuring Cups from Anthropologie – $48 :Beautiful new bone china measuring cups topped with a gilded stag!
  7. Mounted Mooks by i love grey skies – $37 :Boy and Girl, Mounted onto wooden plaque.
  8. Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker from Cooks’ Nook – $106.85 : If you’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking coffee made from a vacuum coffee maker, you know how amazing the taste is!  Coffee Vacuums work off of air displacement, tiny bubbles that form in the bottom chamber when the water starts coming up to temperature force the water from the lower bulb to the upper bulb, where the water gets mixed with the coffee grounds, steeps a bit, then, when removed from heat, gets drawn back down through the filter into the lower bulb due to the vacuum that gets created when cooled. vacuum. The entire process is fascinating to watch, and the brewed coffee in a vacuum is never directly exposed to heat.
  9. Pomegranate Tree Shopping Tote from Roddy & Ginger – $15 : Sturdy canvas shopping tote made in the UK and hand printed by us with our pomegranate tree design. This extra strong bag is beautifully made from thick 10oz unbleached cotton canvas with short tape handles.
  10. Felted Gloves by AureliaLT – $55 : Gloves are made without seams! 100% Hand made felted gloves made using only  the softest superfine Australian merino wool. The decorative trim is made from wool ribbons.

Thanks Evita!  Be sure to head over to the Happy Heathen for lots of gorgeous eye candy.  Have a very merry holiday everyone!


  1. Super sweet Lindsey, thank you! :)

  2. VACUUM coffee maker?! Wow it makes my french press look so simplistic. I want it!!!

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