Holistic Holiday Gifts with Erin of Gardens of Plenty

Today we have a wonderful list from Erin of Gardens of Plenty, my gardening inspiration and one of my favorite daily reads!  Erin has put together a list of holistic items for your organic gardener or really anyone you care about!  She has also included a couple of DIY items for last minute thoughtful gifts for your home.  (And I can speak from experience on her first item, we have those sheets and I swear by them!)

Hi! My name is Erin and I blog about gardening, gratitude, and finding balance between work and play at gardensofplenty.com. My wish this year is for everyone to have a holistic holiday season. It seems like we all keep getting busier and busier.  And with the chaos and stresses of daily life, it’s easy to lose sight of the simple joys and pleasures that make up the plenty. So my wish list includes some of my favorite organic and natural finds to share with you, along with a few fantastic splurge items.  Here’s to wellness, slowing down, and relaxing! Here’s to celebrating, getting our hands dirty, and being mindful. And here’s to giving our family, friends, and selves the love and care we all deserve.

  1. Organic Sheets from Target $24.99-44.99  :Okay, okay… so maybe you can’t afford to run out and buy a new mattress (see #4). But you can give yourself or someone you love the gift of organic sheets! I swear by these sheets. They are soft, wash very well, and are free of pesticides. They go on sale at Target at least a few times a year, so you can always give a set now and then hold out for a sale to stock up. We have two sets for the master bedroom and two sets for the guest room.
  2. Vinegar & Baking Soda Basket – DIY : Could there be a more perfect pairing? The gift of vinegar and baking soda is a conversation-starting, budget-friendly, DIY gift for friends or family members who tend to rely heavily on toxic cleaners like Pine-Sol, Scrubbing Bubbles, bleach, etc.  Use mason jars to display the vinegar and baking soda, toss them in a gift basket, cut up old t-shirts to make custom rags for cleaning, and tie everything up with a big bow. Wallah!
  3. The New Moosewood Cookbook from Barnes & Noble – $12.39  : Hands down, this is one of my most favorite cookbooks. Ever. The soups in here are incredible—especially the lentil soup and split-pea. I also highly recommend the stuffed zucchini! It’s all-veggie slow cooking at its finest, with some of the most delicious and hearty meals you can whip up. Plus I love the incredible hand lettering and illustrations. Cooking is art!
  4. Organic Mattress from Savvy Rest – Price Varies  : Total, utter splurge. And I want. I have been reading a lot about how the off-gassing of toxic chemicals in pillows and mattresses can contribute to a multitude of illnesses and health issues. So I started researching and learned about Savvy Rest all-natural latex mattresses. Customers love this company, and their mattresses and certified organic wool or cotton casings come with a 20-year warranty. How much is good health and sleep worth? I start to wonder if this is less of a splurge and more of a smart investment.
  5. The Gift of Time – DIY : Whenever I ask my older sister what she wants for the holidays, her response is, “Time! I want more time! Time for myself! Time to go out! Time for my kids to spend with you!” She inspired me to create the gift of time gift certificate (designed by my wonderful husband, Craig). You can download this certificate to give—it’s free! Give your time to someone else today, whether it is time spent babysitting their kiddos, time helping with house chores or running errands, or even time just to hang out and catch up with them over coffee. When you give a loved one more time, they just might want to share more time with you!
  6. Ross Toscano Casina di Cornia Organic Red Wine from the Organic Wine Company – $14.99  : When in doubt, wine makes a thoughtful gift. Organic wine is even better because it’s made without pesticides and herbicides. And wines from Tuscany evoke scenes of sweeping vistas and lush vineyards. Or, purchase a bottle from a local winery to give. Ahhh… relax and enjoy.
  7. Nature’s Gate Organics In the Beginning Gentle Cleansing Lotion from Amazon – $25.50  : This cleanser makes an ideal stocking stuffer! I have searched high and low for an organic facial wash that works on combo skin (translation… skin that might just break out occasionally even if you are 33 years old!). My skin feels amazing when I use In the Beginning. And it smells so good—I want to eat it. It’s made with au naturale things like cucumber, yucca, rose geranium, safflower, aloe, jojoba, shea butter, and clary sage. Totally paraben-free.
  8. Organic Potato Blossom Festival (seed potatoes) from Wood Prarie Farm – $19.95  : This collection of six varieties of Maine double-certified organic seed potatoes (12 total) is an amazing gift for your favorite gardener or niece/nephew who is interested in gardening. I planted the 12 seed potatoes in my 4′ x 4′ round garden bed last spring and was delighted by the beautiful purple, pink, and white blossoms on the plants as they grew. And I am still enjoying the harvest—several pounds of adorable and delicious red, white, yellow, and purple potatoes. The best part about getting this kit in the mail? It comes with cool potato postcards, a planting diagram, and yummy recipes.
  9. Gardening Bamboo Compost Pail from Clean Air Gardening – $39.99  : I am of the opinion that you are more likely to start composting and keep at it if you reallllllly like your compost bin. And this cute pail for either the countertop or under the sink is made for collecting veggie scraps and more. It features an easy-to-remove plastic liner and dual charcoal filters to contain any odors. I would give this to one of my skeptical friends who claims it’s too hard to compost. No way. It couldn’t be easier!
  10. Copper Cap Raised Bed from Gardener’s Supply Company – $215 : Here’s a splurge for your favorite gardener! (Side note: everything I have ever bought from Gardener’s Supply Company is incredible. And their blog is top-notch.  Browse their site for a ton of affordable gift ideas!) I bought this raised garden bed 4 years ago, and it still looks nice. As an organic gardener, I like beds made from cedar because the wood is durable, non-toxic, and rot-resistant. Two great things about this kit: it’s 10.5″ deep, so it’s perfect for growing deep-root crops like carrots and tomatoes. And the copper caps add a distinguished touch.

Thank you so much for sharing Erin!  Be sure to visit Gardens of Plenty for more holistic goodness.  One more list to go!


  1. Thank you, thank you Lindsey for the wonderful opportunity to share some of my favorite gift ideas! It has been so much fun reading everyone’s lists! Hope you are having a relaxing and happy holiday season!


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