Pantone Fall 2010: Rose Dust

Oh baby.  The Pantone’s Fall 2010 color forecast saved the best for last!  I adore this shade of blushing pink, or what they call Rose Dust.  I think it’s perfectly feminine, a lovely pastel (I hate that word) for autumn and beautiful in so many different applications from leather shoes to make-up to soft sweaters and lace.  Blushing pink has even made an appearance in my shop with more to come!

Here are my Rose Dust picks…

  1. Filamentous Necklace from Anthropologie – $38
  2. Healing Art Print by Shira Sela – $20
  3. Blushing Mist Bridal Silk Flower by Twigs & Honey – $62
  4. Cotton Seemed V-Neck in Blush from Banana Republic –  SALE $42.50
  5. Seychelles Shimmy Pumps from Endless – $79.95

I’m working on a wrap up post that links to all of my Pantone posts.  I hope you have enjoyed them!  I’ve had a lot of fun with them and now I’m fall-ready!  Bring on hats, scarves and blazers.

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