(500) Days of Summer: Summer vs. Tom

Leave it to a former interior design student to watch a movie and fixate on the dynamics of the interiors.  That’s exactly what happened when I watched (500) Days of Summer a couple of weeks ago.

The movie was great.  The acting was perfect, the story was charming and real and the directing was great.  But what I really loved was the interiors.  The styling and set dressing, especially in the apartments of the two main characters (played by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was so reflective of their characters and so different.  Summer’s apartment is eclectic, feminine and colorful.  Tom’s is masculine, contemporary and monochromatic.  Plus, Tom’s chalkboard headboard wall is beyond amazing.  I don’t know how clean your sheets would be, but I love the idea of a headboard you can draw on to suit your mood.

Here are two boards inspired by each apartment.  Who’s space do you prefer?  Summer’s or Tom’s?

  1. Vintage Floral Painting from Dunn & Davis – $45
  2. Vintage Skeleton Keys from Lemon Tree Farm – $5.25
  3. String of Pearls Lamp from Anthropologie – $128
  4. Amy Butler Wallpaper from Graham & Brown – $80 a roll
  5. Branch Jewelry Stand from UO – $32
  6. Ceramic Buddha from Buddha Groove – $96
  7. Claudia Bed from Pottery Barn – $649

  1. Victory Pendant Lamp from CB2 – $179
  2. 70’s Clock from UO – $18
  3. Picasso Print from Art.com – $19.99
  4. The Commuter by Sketchbook – $140
  5. Chalkboard Paint from Benjamin Moore
  6. Plaza Quilt in Chocolate from Crate & Barrel – $179



  1. I love this post so much! I hope you’ll make more posts like this (Interiors from films) in the future!

  2. This is beautiful! Very well done! Thank you for including my Floral Oil Painting <3


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