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If any color reads August to me it’s sunset orange and gold.  It’s warm, light and feels like the end of summer. Ranging from peach to soft melon to golden yellow it encompasses all the colors of a summer sunset.

Photo by Ally231 via flickr.

Bring a slice of sunset orange this fall to adorn your body and home.  I felt like I needed to put together a really girly collection today, so please excuse the petals, ruffles and frills.

  • Large Berry Bowl Strainer by Vessels & Wares – $56
  • Cashmere Ripple Sweater from JCrew – On Sale at $89.99
  • All Natural Crocheted Beads by ThreeBlueBee – $11.99
  • Peach Fabric Floral Choker or Headband by Le Pappilon Verte – $15
  • Immaculate Perception Print from The Keep Calm Gallery – £130.00
  • Hand Dyed Jute Twine by Olivemanna – $8.50
  • Handmade Citrus Bouquet Corsage by Twigs & Honey – $155

EDIT ::  I’m loving this color so much I made a treasury to honor it as well, with some of these items and more.  Check it out and leave some love for the sellers.

6 Responses to Late Summer in Sunset Orange

  • Evita says:

    Wow, this is gorgeous Lindsey! It’s a lovely reminder that the blasted heat will soon give way to the beauty of autumn, and that is an inspiring thought.

  • ThreeBlueBee says:

    It’s early morning here and that’s wonderful to begin my day with looking these beautiful and refreshing peach colour tones. Thank you for the featuring my beads! :)

  • Ally says:

    Thank you for the kind words on my Photography:) It is nice to hear someone enjoys your work! I am truly blushing! Love how you paired it with all the Summery Sunset colors. Just what I was trying to capture. Thank you!

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