Our Wedding: Part Two – Boys Getting Ready

A few more photos today.  This time covering the other side of the bridal party getting ready.  Jared, his best man, my brother and all his brothers got ready in the guest house.  We asked them to bring khakis, a white button down and whatever shoes and belts they wanted and we provided them with a green v-neck sweater and a tie.  Dealing with rentals was just going to be a hassle but we didn’t want to ask them to buy a whole suit.  Jared bought a beautiful Irish Linen 3-piece suit from JCrew on mega clearance and paid about as much as we spent on the actual suit to have it beautifully tailored.

I had a pirates vs. ninja checker set made for him by Goose Grease and surprised him with it while he was getting ready.

I also had a special moment before slipping my dress on.  About a week before the wedding we discovered my Grandma’s wedding gown in pristine condition.  Of course I already had a dress I loved but we decided to try it on for her the morning of the wedding.  She loved seeing her gorgeous dress come to life again.

All photos by Christina Gilchrist out of Portland, OR.

Vendors Featured:

Suit: JCrew, Tie: Cyberoptix Tie Lab, Checker Set: Goose Grease, Sweaters: Gap, Tailoring: D.O. Summers Cleaners


  1. Melissa says:

    I love his socks! Is that weird? :) Also, I am amazed that you fit into your grandmother’s wedding dress. I only fit into my mom’s when I was in high school – even if I were skinnier, my hips are too big!

    • The socks were a gift from me too. He wanted argyle socks but only has bland colors. Hah.

      And I wish you could see the back of the dress. The last couple buttons are undone. I could get them closed but I was in such a hurry. And if the dress had been fitted in the hips I doubt I would have been able to get it on. A-line skirt FTW.

  2. I have the internets for a short while so now I can comment how wonderful that you are able to share these with everyone. Lindsey, you are truly an inspiration not only to other women planning their weddings, but to those of us how strive to find bliss in our lives.



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