Throw Out 50 Things: Day 2

Well day two is here and I had a lot of leftovers from yesterday’s 10 things, so that made today pretty easy.  Tomorrow will be interesting since I will have no leftovers.  It’s nice to see the box and garbage bag in the kitchen growing and knowing all that will be out of here soon.

  1. Supplies I have been meaning to destash. I have been compiling a box of supplies that no longer suit my current style but are still beautiful.  I’ve been meaning to list them in my destash store and just have failed to get around to it.  First sunny day I get I will photograph and list them here.
  2. A pile of binders. I have been hoarding binders when I see them on sale and it’s time to wake up and realize all my paperwork is digital now.  I’m never going to use these and if I ever need a binder, I’ll just go buy one for a $1.
  3. A jewelry box. I have so many.  This one only collects junk.  I don’t need junk collecting junk.  Donated.
  4. A gift box of those scented sticks. I don’t even know what they are called.  You open the bottle, but the sticks in and put it in your bathroom.  We’ll never use them.  Donated.
  5. Winter sweaters that have seen better years. Time to purge my sweater collection.  These sweaters what been well-loved in their day but no longer fit my current wardrobe.  Donated.
  6. 50 craft clothespins. I think they were free.  Maybe someone left them in the dorm?  Or at the end of a church tag sale?  I can’t remember but I don’t need them.  Donated.
  7. One of many glue guns. This one is still in the packaging.  Seriously?  Why do I need more than one? Donated.
  8. Some vintage plates. I got these for a steal some time ago.  I haven’t been able to date them since they are unlabeled.  I really liked the rooster ages ago but now I’m liking them less and less.  Donated.
  9. Red and green standard envelopes. My Grandma gave them to me ages ago figuring I would use them for something.  Well, of course I haven’t.  A lot of the things I’m getting rid of were given to me by someone else who was getting rid of stuff.  Destash.
  10. A skirt that was given to me years ago. It was expensive, so I have been justifying keeping it for a while even though I haven’t worn it in forever.  Just isn’t my style anymore.  Donated.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.  I asked Jared to just do 10 things this week.  So I guess as a pair we will be doing 60 things.  I’ll be sure to post his 10 but I can’t promise clear descriptions.

How is your challenge going?  I know a couple of you have decided to take it on for yourself.


  1. This is very inspiring and motivating. My tiny little apartment could definitely use a purge, considering I’ll be downsizing again in three months. It’s just so hard to let things go because I convince myself that as soon as I get rid of it I’ll need it, so of course I keep it. Ah! Maybe I should start tomorrow. :]


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