Travel Must Have: WeSC Oboe Headphones

I mentioned to someone else that when I travel I always bring my bright yellow headphones, but I don’t think they understood that I wasn’t fooling around when I said bright yellow.  I got these headphones while I was writing my thesis (since retail therapy was my main vice to beat the stress) and wore them while I was in the lab to be a subtle signal to classmates that I was indisposed.  I found they also worked pretty well on planes to give the same message to talkative seatmates.

I got mine at a bike store in Columbus, Ohio called Paradise Garage (stop in if you are ever in C-bus, they have great clothes and bikes) but you can get them online on WeSC’s website.  I just saw the minty green ones and some of the patterned ones, but I’m not ready to replace my dandelion yellow ones quite yet.

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