The Perfect Tote: Christy Studio

The ever-fabulous Penny over at Penny Luxe posted about her flying necessities today and seeing as I have a trip coming up in the very near future I figured I would share a few of my travel accessories that get me through the flight from Ohio to Oregon (which I fly a few times a year).

I found this bag on etsy in Christy’s Shop quite some time ago and loved the utility of it.  It is loaded with pockets and big enough to hold a decent sized laptop with room to spare.  It’s well made with beautiful materials and of course is classically styled and doesn’t look like you are carrying your groceries around the airport.  I own it in the Sahara Brown but I love it in the Dark Denim as well.

Did I mention the prices?  You’ll need to see them for yourself to believe it.  Shipping of course is a little steep and it does take some time to arrive (though it was quicker than most of my oversea’s purchases) but I found it more than worth it when the bag arrived.


  1. Very cute!

    You should write a post about your favorite Etsy shops. I always get overwhelmed navigating the site and I know you have some good bookmarks :-)

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