Must Have for Summer: Thief & Bandit

I have been working on waking up last year’s summer wardrobe (which right now consists of lots of plain v-necks and scoop neck t-shirts, jeans and some other various pieces) with some new accessories that are affordable and current.  I really would rather not buy a whole new wardrobe, but it always seems when the season changes I feel like I have nothing to wear.

So instead of spending a ton of cash on all new clothes I am trying to pick a few new pieces that are easy to weave into my wardrobe and don’t cost a fortune.  After surfing people’s etsy “favorites” I happened across Thief & Bandit.  I’m head over heels for their beautiful headbands, woven necklaces and screen printed t-shirts (that actually have some design to them rather than and image smack in the middle).  Not to mention the prices are easy to work into a slim budget.  I snapped up a couple pieces from them this morning and now will be eagerly waiting to come home and find a package from them.  Check out their shop for more gorgeous summer piece.

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